Business S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Hub for Intellectual Execution, Logistics & Delivery)

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Rise to Purpose’s Business S.H.I.E.L.D. Plan! For your convenience, we have compiled this brochure to describe your plan member benefits. Please read this booklet carefully, as it contains all the benefits of membership provided by our plan specialists.

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Basic membarship

$ $99/
12 Month
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Advance membarship

$ 129/
6 Month
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Pro membarship

$ 149/
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Business & Brand Strategy Consulting

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. A business strategy is a necessity for success. Our award-winning certified business coaches will make it easy for you to build your plan and track your progress whether you’re just getting started, looking for funding for your business, or want to map out the future of your business. In addition, gain valuable insight on how to optimize your brand for more differentiation, alignment and impact. Using psychology to create a brand strategy that presents your business as the perfect fit for your customers is how you win. Your brand is so much more than your logo, your colors, or your website design. It’s about your stories, your values and the experience you create.
• Complimentary DiSC Personality or Emotional Intelligence Assessment
• Unlimited questions, no additional fees or costs
• 2 business day response time guarantee via email or phone

Business Plan Course & Software

Top 3 Reasons Choose Business S.H.I.E.L.D. for Your Business Planning Reason #1: Choose from our library of over 200+ customizable industry-specific business plan templates to find the plan outline that is appropriate for your business. You’ll be able to build a complete plan that captures your vision and future success. Reason #2: The entire plan is fully customizable, and the checklist will help you at each part of the plan. You can easily enter the information for your business, and can access the free business course along the way when you need help understanding what to do in a particular section. Reason #3: The Business Plan software doesn’t just include the narrative sections of your business plan; it also includes complete financial statements and projections.
• 200+ Sample Business Plans
• Business Plan Course (60 mins)
• Business Plan Builder
• Financial Forecasting
• Pitch Deck Creator
• 8 Business Model Canvas
• 5 Team Members
• Plan Analytics

Maximum Profit Consulting

You will gain access to one of the select few companies, nationwide, that have achieved certification in Fix This Next and Profit First. What does this mean for you? Our Fit For Profit partner is trained and certified to guide business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself in maximizing your profits. In addition, you will gain access to the Keep More Money Collective. A community of like-minded wellness business owners and entrepreneurs who discuss all things money–so we can develop the most profitable version of yourself and your business in only a few tweaks.
Monthly Benefits Include: • Calls 3x a month to get your Profit First, Bookkeeping, and Tax questions answered • Guidance and support in getting Profit First set up and running smoothly in your business • Access to the Keep More Money coursebr

As a Member of the Keep More Money Collective you will learn how to:

• Pay yourself a livable salary and when to give yourself a raise
• Make sure payroll funds are there when you need them
• Not stress about next year’s tax bill
• Have a profitable business, month over month

Small Business Banking (Powered by Relay®)

As a member, you have the option of having us opening your account for you or we can provide you with our VIP link. Relay’s business checking features will keep you and your team on the money all of the time. Don’t worry about fees, paperwork or branch visits. Access Relay on any web or mobile browser including Relay’s mobile app for iPhone or Android. This is business checking built for business owners.
• Organize income, expenses and cash reserves using 20 checking accounts
• Issue up to 50 physical or virtual Mastercard® debit cards – (with spending limits)
• Send and receive ACH transfers, checks or wires
• Collect payment from tools like Stripe, Square, Shopify and more
• Give team members and financial advisors secure, role-based banking access
• Get personalized customer support by email and phone
• Speedup your bookkeeping by syncing your data directly to QuickBooks or Xero
Each Relay account is FDIC insured up to $250K and covered by the Mastercard® Zero Liability Protection Policy.

Legal Consultation (Powered by Legal Club of America®)

Receive the following benefits: Free Legal Services

• Free unlimited phone or in-person consultations for each new legal matter.
• Your attorney will review up to 5 business documents, each up to 10 pages, per quarter.
• Your attorney will make free phone calls and write free letters on behalf of your business.
• Your attorney will write free demand letters on behalf of your business.
• Don’t miss receiving important legal documents. Ask your attorney about Registered Agent services.

17 years

Our network is comprised of pre-qualified, seasoned attorneys averaging seventeen years of experience.

50 states

Our attorney network is nationwide.
Our trained Service Advocates will refer you to an attorney who specializes in your legal matter, speaks your language and is conveniently located.

Deeply Discounted Rates

Attorneys will charge 40% off their normal hourly rates, with a minimum of $125 per hour for legal care that extends beyond the free services.

Unlimited Access to our Network

The relationship between you and your attorney is strictly confidential. Our vast network gives you the flexibility of consulting with more than one attorney for different legal matters – you have unlimited access to our attorney network!

Tax Preparation & Advice (Powered by Tax Hotline®)

This comprehensive tax program provides members access to personal tax benefits including free tax return preparation and unlimited, toll-free, tax related advice. Additionally, members will have the most commonly used tax schedules prepared free of charge or at a significantly discounted rate.
Tax Related Benefits

• Free mail-in tax return preparation (includes 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040)*
• Free preparation of most common schedules that accompany form 1040*
• IRS audit assistance
• Unlimited advice for personal and business matters on federal taxation via toll-free phone call/fax/email
• IRS notification assistance br<>• Tax planning
• Review of prior year’s tax return*
• Member portal with tax tips, tax law changes, tax organization area, IRS audit area, IRS notification area and Member advice online

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