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I was fresh out of college...

and working in my chosen career Recreational Therapy. I was excited about life, adulting successfully and had a desire to take over the world…then life came knocking. It started when I shared my idea on how to make a process more efficient and was turned away. No problem. It wasn’t the first time I’ve had an idea turned down; but then it happened again and again until I begin to “get it.” It took me a while to realize I was there to perform my job role, responsibilities and other duties as deemed necessary within this system, not to improve it. On the other hand, I enjoyed having a consistent paycheck and so I conformed to my environment while my fire for showing up to work slowly begin burning out like a dying star.

My first year flew by and it was time for my first annual employee evaluation and some excitement arose as I begin hearing stories of employees raised being awarded at this time. I knew I had been a solid employee having been cited for excellence in my daily duties by peers and with one year of conformity and pats on the back for “good work” resulted in a raise of $.35 cents. In my young mind, I thought I was worth much more than that and to make matters worse…one of my favorite patient died.

No one told me in college that most of the higher paying jobs in my field were in long-term care facilities where the pay isn’t great and you don’t have the ability to make a significant improvements with patients. I didn’t sign up for this! My mom would call and ask how everything was going and I would say “Great mom!” as I secretly looked for other jobs.

I found this gym that was hiring personal trainers and figured that because I was a former athlete and like to work out, I could do that part-time. It happened so fast. We sat in the manager’s office for a 10 minute interview and then took me on a tour around the gym. I confidently noticed that the trainers weren’t doing anything super impressive and some didn’t look like they know what they were doing. I accepted the job and quickly discovered…neither did I.

Figuratively speaking, it was the blind leading the blind. Embarrassingly, I had no direction and my first direct deposit was a reality check. I was exhausted working a full-time unfulfilling job and running in place at a new job. How could this be? I love working out and being in the gym…why am I not making money?

After my first check, I knew I could not keep this up for long and so I decided to suppress my ego and ask each of the senior trainers to allow me to shadow them for a day. I shadowed 11 personal trainers from 6am-6pm without pay and took notes on what each of them excelled at in my opinion. Afterwards, I offered to buy each trainer Starbucks if they would shadow me for one session and give me feedback on how I’m doing.

I took the feedback and knowledge gained from first 90 days and incorporated it into my own style and was awarded Personal Trainer of the Month for Washington DC in October 2002. In my sixth month of part-time work as a personal trainer, I exceeded my full-time income as a recreational therapist. I discovered my passion, developed my purpose and made it profitable through coaching and mentorship from those who have the knowledge of being successful. Needless to say, I didn’t quit my full-time, but I made a successful transition to a new rewarding career that allowed me to have control over my time and income.

In looking back, I will always say that I was grateful for having a job and stability. I was constantly looking and waiting for something that I could not quite put my finger on, but I knew that job wasn’t it. I was fortunate to discover the power of mentorship and coaching early in my adult life. I’m even more appreciative of my mom enrolling me into various youth activities and sports so that I could become coachable.

Working your way out of a 9-5 may not sound realistic to you today, but what if the right coach could show you the way? I know. I’ve been there. But it was a single step forward that changed my life forever–are you ready to take that step too? If so, I’d like to invite you to book a free discovery call where I’ll reveal what it actually takes to create a passion driven-business driven to fulfill your purpose.

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Headshot of David
Headshot of David

David Rachal III

Verified Business Coach

Since 2001, David has established a reputation for innovative strategies and success in both the medical and fitness industry utilizing knowledge acquired through his undergraduate studies in Recreational Therapy and Master of Business Administration in Healthcare. David’s lifetime commitment to engage, educate, and empower clients to understand their medical and health conditions has led to the success of thousands of clients benefiting from his use of exercise as medicine.

David’s most notable accomplishment has been leading HEALTHEFIT to become the first credentialed in-network provider of medical fitness services with the ability of direct health insurance reimbursement. Since 2017 he has been working with physicians, health plans, and employers to improve health outcomes for patients, lower costs for payers, and increase career opportunities for today’s evolving medical fitness professional.

David’s subject matter expertise has allowed him to develop programs that are used to train United States Marines at Quantico to obtaining a trademark for a black owned startup now contracting with Target. While his talents makes him a sought after expert for commercial gyms, his military-like focus coupled with a coaches personality gives him an advantage with relationship building, training, and earning the invitations to serve in various roles of Virginia Leadership Board for the American Diabetes Association, Exercise Is Medicine Underserved & Community Board, the Hampton University Gerontology Advisory Board and Entrepreneur Business Coach.

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