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and then reality hit you like it did me...

After college I begin working in my chosen field of Recreational Therapy only to find out that…the pay wasn’t great, I wasn’t able to make significant improvement for my patients, and my raise was only $.35 higher after my first year. So I decided I needed something more for myself. I begin working as a personal trainer at a gym and noticed that the highest paid trainers had certain skills and I wanted to be among the best. So I invested in myself and sought coaching from each senior trainer. I then, took their feedback, incorporated it into my own style and eventually was awarded Personal Trainer of the Month for Washington DC.

Six months into my part-time personal training hustle, I exceeded my full-time income at my full-time job. It was so freeing to have discovered my passion, developed my purpose and made it profitable.  Although I wasn’t ready to quit my full-time, I knew I could make a successful transition to this new rewarding career that allowed me to have control over my time and income.

You may be interested in creating a part-time side hustle to compliment your 9 to 5 or you maybe ready to jump in headfirst. Wherever you are, recognize that you don’t have to do it completely on your own. What worked for me was working with the best coaches in the business to refine my business processes; and what’s going to work for you is doing the exact same. I would love to work with you through one-on-one coaching to set-up your side hustle or put you on the correct path to your first entrepreneurial journey.   I’m inviting you to book a complimentary discovery call where we can discuss what it actually takes to achieve the success you desire.

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David Rachal III, MBA

certified Business Coach

Since 2001, David has established a reputation for innovative strategies and success in both the medical fitness and coaching industries utilizing knowledge acquired through his undergraduate studies in Recreational Therapy and Master of Business Administration in Healthcare. David’s lifetime commitment to engage, educate, and empower clients led him to pursue a business coaching certification where he can now assist new entrepreneurs to start a side hustle to compliment their 9 to 5 or begin their first business.

One of David’s most notable accomplishments has been leading HEALTHEFIT to become the first credentialed in-network provider of medical fitness services with the ability of direct-health insurance reimbursement. Other highlights of David’s expertise include: develop programs that are used to train United States Marines at Quantico, obtaining a trademark for a black-owned startup now contracting with Target and earning the invitations to serve in various roles of Virginia Leadership Board for the American Diabetes Association, Exercise Is Medicine Underserved & Community Board, the Hampton University Gerontology Advisory Board and Entrepreneur Business Coach.

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